BRABU : बड़ी खबर! स्नातक से लेकर पीजी तक के 2 लाख छात्रों की फंसी परीक्षा, इस एजेंसी ने अपना कामकाज किया बंद, यहां जाने पूरा मामला : BRABU

By | July 13, 2022
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BRABU Registration Update : Registration letter of students in BRA Bihar University (BRABU) ie

There is no paper to print the registration slip. Due to this the registration of 2 lakh students has stopped.

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Let us tell you that this includes students from undergraduate (UG) to PG (PG).

BRABU is not getting the paper to print the registration letter:

The registration of students for the graduation session 2021-24 is yet to be done in BRABU.

Apart from this, the registration of students of PG and Vocational Course is also pending.

BRABU is not getting the paper to print the Registration Slip. Because of this all the work has come to a standstill.

Let us tell you that the registration of the students of the graduation session 2021-24 was to be done last year only.

But the work is still stuck due to the lack of paper.

The Registrar of BRABU explained:

BRABU Registrar Dr. RK Thakur said that soon for the registration letter i.e. Registration Slip.

Paper will be provided. If the matter is stuck somewhere, it will be resolved soon.

The work of the registration section stalled:

The agency to whom BRABU had given the contract for supply of paper has stopped the supply due to non-payment of amount.

Let us tell you that the liability of the agency is about five lakh rupees left on BRABU.

At the same time, the work of the registration section has got stuck due to the shutdown of supply.

People associated with BRABU said:

People associated with BRABU told that last year itself, the issue of payment of the amount got stuck in the supply of paper.

The agency has stopped the supply. After the supply shutdown, BRABU has not taken any serious initiative in this direction so far.

One and a half lakh students became hung due to non-registration:

Let us inform that due to non-registration for one year of admission, 1.25 lakh graduate students have remained hung.

Students without registration are not part of BRABU. The registration of the students is necessary for appearing in the Part-I examination.

Apart from this, Vocational students are also roaming in BRABU without registration.

At the same time, due to non-registration, the examination of two lakh students is also stuck.


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