BRABU : अब कॉलेजों में NAAC ग्रेडिंग के आधार पर तय होंगे स्नातक और पीजी की पढ़ाई के लिए फीस, यहां जान लीजिए विस्तार से…।। : BRABU

By | July 14, 2022
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MUZAFFARPUR : The colleges of BRA Bihar University ie BRABU will now decide the fees for undergraduate (UG) and PG studies.

Fees of colleges will be decided on the basis of NAAC grading:

Let us tell you that the college fees will be decided on the basis of NAAC grading.

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Under A, B, C grade, three categories of colleges of BRA Bihar University i.e. BRABU will be created.

On this basis, the fees will be same in graded colleges of BRA Bihar University ie BRABU.

At the same time, those colleges of BRABU, which have not yet been NAAC assessment, are also given ‘C’ grade.

Fees will have to be determined. A proposal has been prepared by BRABU regarding this.

Admission committee meeting soon

The Vice Chancellor of BRA Bihar University i.e. BRABU, Prof. Admission to be held under the chairmanship of Hanuman Prasad Pandey

It will be discussed in the meeting of the Admission Committee.

He told that if everything goes well then it can be approved.

There is no uniformity of fees for UG to PG studies in colleges under BRABU.

Seeing this, BRA Bihar University ie BRABU has taken this decision.

BRABU’s DSW explained:

Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh, DSW, BRABU told that this is necessary to establish uniformity of fees.

He told that under this this proposal has been prepared.

He said that this will create awareness in colleges to achieve NAAC grading.

At the same time, mainly three agendas have been prepared for the Admission Committee.


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