BRABU UG Admission 2022 : अब स्नातक में सीटों से अधिक नामांकन नहीं ले सकेंगे कॉलेज, नकेल कसने के लिए बनाई गई यह योजना, जाने डिटेल्स : BRABU

By | July 14, 2022
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BRABU UG Admission 2022 : Colleges Affiliated to BRA Bihar University (BRABU) Now Admission

I cannot be arbitrary. They will be able to take admission of students as many seats as they have.

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BRABU Administration is preparing the plan:

Let us inform that BRABU administration is preparing a plan to crack down on the arbitrariness of affiliated colleges.

At the same time, this time the classification of colleges with permanent affiliation and those with temporary affiliation is being done.

Let us tell you that how many seats are recognized by BRABU to the colleges with permanent affiliation and the temporary

The list of how many seats are recognized by the affiliated colleges is being prepared.

BRABU’s UMIS Coordinator explained:

UMIS Coordinator of BRABU Prof. TK Day told on Thursday that in Part-One of the graduation session 2022-25

The seats of all the colleges will be decided before enrollment i.e. admission.

He told that admission will be done only in the colleges where the seats are approved.

At the same time, the number of seats will be kept in the Admission Committee. After that the admission process will start.

There have been repeated complaints of more admissions than seats:

In many affiliated colleges of BRABU, the BRABU administration has always been receiving complaints of over-admissions from seats.

Let us inform that there are many colleges of BRA Bihar University (BRABU) which do not have the recognition of the subject.

Still, he has taken admission of students in that subject for graduation.

At the same time, such cases were also reported in the year 2018-19. After this, an inquiry was also set up on these colleges.

Cases of taking more admission than seats in the year 2020 were also reported in some affiliated colleges.

Let us tell you that many big colleges of BRA Bihar University (BRABU) were also involved in this.

The BRABU administration is going to take strict action to ensure that no such complaints are received from this year.

Seats will be allotted after the meeting of the Admission Committee:

Let us inform that one lakh 38 thousand students have applied online for enrollment in the graduation session 2022-25.

At the same time, the admission of students will be done after the meeting of the Admission Committee.

Subject wise seats will be allotted to the colleges only after the meeting of the Admission Committee.

After this the BRABU UG Merit List and BRABU UG Cut Off List List will be released.

The UMIS Coordinator told that the rules of reservation in admission will be fully followed.

Apart from this, the instructions for the differently-abled students will also be followed, he added.

Also waiting for CBSE 12th result for enrollment:

CBSE Result is also awaited for admission in graduation in BRABU.

The UGC has directed that universities should end their undergraduate admissions program only after the CBSE results.

At the same time, CBSE 12th result is also awaited in BRABU.

UMIS Coordinator told that CBSE 12th students will also be included in Part-I of graduation session 2022-25.

A chance will be given to apply online for enrollment.

Last time, 26 thousand CBSE students had applied online to enroll in graduation.


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