BRABU: नैक ग्रेडिंग के आधार पर PG और स्नातक में नामांकन व ट्यूशन फीस BRABU करेगा तय, जाने डिटेल्स 

By | July 14, 2022
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BRABU NewsFrom enrollment in graduate and post graduate (PG) in government and private colleges to enrollment and tuition fees, the amount of Tuition Fees will now be decided by BRA Bihar University.

This amount will be decided on the basis of grading of colleges in NAAC evaluation.

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This is how enrollment and tuition fees will be determined

The highest enrollment and tuition fee will be for LS Colleges that have got Grade ‘A’ from NAAC, followed by the fees for colleges that get ‘B’ Grade from NAAC.

Grade ‘C’ from NAAC and those colleges which have not got their evaluation done by NAAC so far, those colleges will also have to charge the same fee for Grade ‘C’ from the students.

Action will be taken on recovery of more than the fixed fee

Let us tell you that there will be a danger from administrative action to the termination of affiliation of colleges if the amount is collected more than the fixed fees.

After the instructions received from the state government, soon the university administration will hold a meeting of the nomination committee regarding this, its preparation has started.

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Only fixed fees will have to be taken from Raj Bhavan

DSW said that the fee of PG is fixed from Raj Bhavan which has been implemented in PG Department.

It is not applicable in colleges, now colleges will also have to take fixed fees from Raj Bhavan.

Objective to promote free education of girls

The biggest reason for fixing the fees is that the state government has waived the amount spent on the education of girls.

The government will give this amount to the colleges, due to the lack of uniform fees, the government is not giving this amount.

When the fees will be decided at the university level, then the amount spent on the studies of all the enrolled girls will be transferred directly to the accounts of the government, universities and colleges.

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