Business Opportunity : Paytm के साथ करें यह बिज़नेस, घर बैठे होगी लाखों की कमाई!, जाने कैसे : Business

By | July 14, 2022
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Business Opportunity: Now the trend of shopping from the shop or from the mall has reduced a lot.

Now people are shopping through online only and smartphone has become a mall.

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If you also want to start a business through online, then you can do so.

In such a situation, the best place for you is Paytm, in fact, people can do business through Paytm, Paytm Mall.

Giving a chance to do this, along with this you can also do shopping from here.

In such a situation, you can sell your goods through Paytm and give a new direction to your business.

Increasing the number of customers will increase your profits:

The special thing is that along with doing business of your shop, you can do business through online medium.

This will greatly increase the reach of your business and your profits will also increase as the number of customers increases.

Let us tell you that in such a situation, we know how to do business with Paytm Mall (How To Do)

Business With Paytm Mall?) and whether any fee has to be paid for this or not.

In such a situation, we are giving you the answers to those questions (We Will Answer Those Questions For You),

Whose answers you should know before doing business with Paytm Mall.

Who can sell goods on Paytm Mall?

Let us tell you that any person can sell goods to people through Paytm Mall.

Let us tell you that there are crores of downloads of Paytm, in this way you can reach crores of people sitting at your home and

Instead of keeping the business limited in one city or area, you can make it famous in the whole country.

How can start business?

To start business with Paytm first of all you have to follow this Direct Link Will have to register.

To manage your business well, you will be given salary panel training.

After this put your products in the specific category and start selling the goods. Manage Orders

Get started, including order receiving, product packing and pickup requests etc.

is included. Courier Partner will pick up your product and deliver it to the customer.

Let us tell you that after the order is successfully delivered, Paytm Mall will be in the next 7-10 days.

(Maximum) will start making your payment within days.

Which papers will be required?

Let us tell you that any person can do business on Paytm Mall.

At the same time, for this the businessman needs some documents, in which

PAN Card, GST / GSTIN Number, Bank Account and KYC Documents (ID Proof, Address Proof of the Company,

Warehouse Address Proof, and Cancel Check), Brand Authorization Letter / Trademark

Certificate etc.. However, even if you do not have a GST number, you can register.

but you will be eligible to sell only in the tax exempt category,

Whereas to sell any other product, you will need the GSTIN number,

How do you get money?

Your payout will be processed within 10-12 working days from the date of delivery of the product.

You can also track this. After you get the order, the order process takes place.

In which you do packing etc. After this the order has to be sent and after the order is delivered Paytm

gives you money. After this the process of your money starts and you get the money.


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