New Business Idea : बांस की बोतल की बिज़नेस मे है तगड़ा मुनाफा, बिना टेंशन 2 लाख में करें शुरू, सरकार भी करेगी सहयोग : Business

By | July 16, 2022
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New Business Idea : Plastic Bottle Use is generally used for water

Mostly done. But drinking water in a plastic bottle is the most dangerous.

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The central government has imposed a ban on single use plastic:

Let us tell you that keeping this in mind the Central Govt. Single use plastic has been banned.

Whereas Central Govt. Has taken out a new alternative to plastic bottles.

As an alternative to this, the Khadi Village Industries Commission working under the Ministry of MSME has made bamboo.

Bottle (Bamboo Bottle) was created, which would be used instead of plastic bottles.

To eliminate the increasing pollution in India, it is very important to ban single use plastic.

Let us tell you that due to this step of the Central Government, some people have trouble.

If this is happening, then some are seeing options to start a new business.

If you are also planning to do a new business idea, then we are telling you a new business

Idea (New Business Idea). You can earn good money by making bamboo products.

Let us tell you everything about this business (Bamboo Bottle Business):

What will be the cost of this bottle:

Let us tell you that the capacity of this bamboo bottle will be at least 750 ML and its price will start from ₹ 300.

At the same time, these bottles are environmentally friendly as well as durable.

However, e-KYC has already started manufacturing clay kulhads instead of plastic glasses.

How much money is required to be invested:

Start this business (Bamboo Bottle Business) by investing Rs 1.95 lakh.

Let us tell you that to start this business (Bamboo Bottle Business), there is no special skill and

There is no need for Special Skills and Good Investments.

However, if this business (Bamboo Bottle Business) is started on a large scale (Big Skills)

If you go, then the cost of starting this business (Bamboo Bottle Business) may increase slightly.

At the same time, people keep trying different things for home decoration.

Especially for the decoration of the meeting, items made of wood and cane are usually used.

At the same time, keeping sofas, chairs, decorative things made of bamboo has become a new trend.

Where to spend how much money:

If you are planning to start this business (Bamboo Bottle Business), then we will give you Khadi

Through this project report of the Village Industries Commission

Telling where you will have to spend how much money to start this business.

To start the business of making bamboo products, you have to buy raw material worth Rs 1,70,000.

Click on the link given here and know about the expenses Click Here

What else can you make with bamboo?

Let us tell you that bamboo is being used for construction.

You can make a house out of it. Flooring can be done. Can make furniture.

Apart from this, you can earn by making handicrafts and jewellery. Bicycles are now being made from bamboo.

Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture claim that the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee has constructed it.

approved to be used. Now instead of cement, bamboo seat is also being prepared for laying the shed.


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